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Our attention to detail ensures that your fire & smoke damage is handled safely and efficiently.

Fire & Smoke Damage in Orlando, FloridaOne of the most complex disasters to deal with is fire. Fire & smoke damage isn’t the entire story. There is often water damage due to firefighters’ efforts as well. You need an experienced team who pays attention to all types of damage to get your home or business as good as new in a timely manner. At Restorative Pros Inc., we have the experience, the appropriate certifications, and the dedication to our customers to get you to the other side after a fire has caused damage.

Whether you have had a small fire affecting one part of a room or something more advanced, we’ll handle the fire & smoke damage by removing the fire-damaged belongings and building materials that are too damaged to repair and removing any water that is present. We then advance to cleaning up the soot and ash following strict safety protocols as these can cause health issues if inhaled. To ensure the air in your home or business is safe before you re-enter, we set up purification machines for optimal indoor air quality.

To make it easier for you to recover from fire & smoke damage, we will bill your insurance company directly. If you are not insured, ask us about our in-house financing options. If you would like to know more about our restoration services in Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas and why we believe we are the best company to reach out to, contact us today. We offer 24-hour emergency response to get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

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