How are Water Cleanup and Flood Cleanup Different?

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To most people, water damage and flood damage mean the same thing—you have water in your home or business that you do not want to be there. Because you think of them the same, you might think that water cleanup and flood cleanup are the same thing too. In some ways, they are, but there is one big difference.

How are Water Cleanup and Flood Cleanup Different?

Water cleanup and flood cleanup differ because of the contamination level of the water. Insurance companies look at them quite differently because anything to do with flooding is a covered by flood insurance, and when it isn’t flooding, it is covered by the standard policy. What this means to you is that if your home is damaged by rising flood waters, you must have the added coverage, or you will need to pay for the cleanup yourself.

In terms of the actual work, a professional water removal company will follow safety protocols for both water cleanup and flood cleanup but will be extra cautious with flood cleanup because of the potential for sewage and other hazardous contamination. This is also why you should always turn flood cleanup over to a professional. Although water cleanup doesn’t typically involve contamination, it is best to let professionals handle that too.

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