Save Your Home from Fire & Smoke Damage

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Sometimes disaster strikes in the form of fire. The most important concerns in these cases are family and safety, but after the acute threat of fire has passed, fire & smoke damage becomes a real threat to the health and happiness of the home’s occupants. It is crucial to deal with fire damage quickly, as it often opens the door for other types of damage, including water damage and mold, if it is not dealt with properly and in a timely fashion.

Save Your Home from Fire & Smoke Damage

Many people do not think of the threat of smoke damage that accompanies fire damage. Soot and smoke odor are difficult to remove, so this job is best left to professionals. Soot is easily smeared, causing staining and amplifying the problem. Specific cleaning protocols need to be followed and specific chemicals and products need to be used to ensure proper, safe, and successful cleaning.

Don’t let your home and precious items be destroyed by fire & smoke damage. At Restorative Pros Inc., we know how important your home and belongings can be to you. We want to help salvage as much as possible, and in the interest of that goal, we offer our professional fire & smoke damage services.

If you have fallen victim to fire in Orlando, Florida or the surrounding area, give us a call today and let us help you. We have over a decade of experience and can bill your insurance directly or offer in-house financing options. Our goal is to leave you feeling cared for and happy as you return to your normal life.

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