Scenarios that Require Smoke Damage Services

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You’ve probably heard the phrase, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” However, that isn’t always the case. In fact, you could need smoke damage services that are completely unrelated to a fire damage incident. Here are a few different types of scenarios where professional smoke damage services can come to the rescue and make your home or rental property smell fresh again.

Scenarios that Require Smoke Damage Services

  • Cigarette smoke- It is challenging to enforce a no-smoking policy in a rental unit, so most landlords do not bother. However, before you can successfully rent out the unit to someone else who doesn’t smoke, you may need smoke damage services to get the odor out of the rental unit.
  • Electrical issues- Burning or overheated wires don’t always ignite, but that doesn’t mean they don’t put off acrid odors that can permeate carpeting, upholstery, and other porous materials.
  • Cooking odors- Most cooking odors dissipate fairly readily, but some, such as heavy oil frying, can add up and create a foul odor over time. You might not notice it, but others might. Also, you may want to use smoke damage services for a rental unit or after a burnt dinner that you keep smelling.
  • Minor fire- A fire in one room might result in fire and water damage in just that isolated area, but smoke damage could have happened throughout the home because of being spread through the HVAC system. Smoke damage services can be performed anywhere the smoke and its odors has occurred, not just at the point of fire.
  • Wildfire- Even if a wildfire doesn’t directly affect your home, it is entirely possible for there to be smoke damage inside the home. A fire next door could do the same thing and require you to call for smoke damage services.

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