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Finding out that your home or business needs mold cleanup can give you an anxious feeling. You wonder just what you’ve been subjected to and for how long. The good news is that most people do not have an adverse effect to mold spores and most mold is little more than an irritant. However, there are some mold species that are hazardous, and some people can have severe allergic reactions. Even if your mold situation doesn’t fall into one of these dangerous categories, that doesn’t mean you should forego mold cleanup, as long-term exposure could be problematic, and mold isn’t good for structures, either.

Straightforward Information About Mold Cleanup

There are actually mold spores all around you. It is only when they find a hospitable environment and begin colonizing that they can become a problem. They don’t thrive in all conditions. They need plenty of moisture and prefer a dark area. You will generally only need mold cleanup if you have a plumbing leak, unresolved water damage, or high humidity because your air conditioner isn’t working properly. Crawlspaces and attics are common areas for mold when ventilation isn’t being addressed–moisture occurs, and mold soon follows.

Another thing that is largely misunderstood about mold and mold cleanup is that just killing the mold isn’t enough to ensure a healthy indoor environment. Dead mold spores can also be respiratory irritants, so mold cleanup must involve removal of the mold, not just killing it. This is why DIY mold cleanup methods are largely ineffective.

If you know or suspect mold in your home or business in Orlando, Florida or one of the surrounding communities, reach out to us at Restorative Pros Inc. We offer mold cleanup services that are conducted with your safety in mind. Contact us today to schedule a mold inspection to find out what should be done to make your home or business a safe environment.

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