Joel and Bradley arrived on time and did a thorough job checking out our problem and made a few suggestions to find the water leak. They were both very courteous and professional.

- Ernie H.

This company is the absolute best! Carlos, the owner, will treat you as if you are part of his family. You can find a bigger company out there, but if you want the job done by the best and someone who will stand by you the entire way, look no further.

- Andrew A.

Carlos, Miguel, and others at Restorative Pros Inc. came to the rescue for us when our home had water damage throughout. They were professional, honest, and courteous. All work was completed in a timely manner, too. We already paid them, and they came back when we asked them. This was even after getting paid, to re-fog a bathroom, just in case (It had already been done, but there was so much moisture exposure due to another company’s fault). They went the extra mile, and that is appreciated.

- Yvonne G.

I have used Restorative Pros Inc. several times for different jobs, and Carlos has always been prompt, responsible, courteous, and professional. He always goes out of his way to make me as a customer happy. I appreciate his business ethics and would highly recommend Carlos and his team for any restoration job out there because they are true professionals and prompt and responsible.

- Joe T.

Dealing with Miguel was an excellent experience. This company was referred to me by another excellent source. They came immediately after my call on a weekend. They placed machines everywhere in the room, as it was really affected by water damage. Miguel was so detailed and organized that he really impressed me. Years ago, I had water damage due to a broken pipe, and trust me, nothing compares to this performance now. His boss came along with him on the first day, ensuring every detail was properly handled. Miguel came by every day, checking on my wall and floor. It wasn’t until he showed me that the wall was completely dry that he removed the machine left for the purpose. He explained to me that in doing so, both the insurance and the homeowner will save future problems in the area with the rest of the room. Not too many around like Miguel and the Restorative Pros Inc. (RPI) team around.
A company based on needs, not interests!!!!

- N.N.

Restorative Pros Inc. is AWESOME!!! The best customer service and work I have ever experienced. The techs were very professional, and their work was outstanding. Immediate response time, and I am confident in their work 100%. If you need water damage or mold restoration, don’t hesitate and give Restorative Pros a call now. I will definitely use them again.

- Greg C.

Ok, Miguel Rivera, what an amazing job. Thank you for your excellent service.

- Linda M.

Thank you for your prompt service, Restorative Pros Inc.! Very professional & with quick response time to disasters! I appreciate your help!

- Agatha H.

Five stars. This is a long overdue review that they deserved back in September 2021 for their wonderful work ethics. I have not been able to post this review due to personal circumstances that took our time. We usually remember the best and even the worst experiences from businesses / companies, and both positives and or negatives should always be expressed to help others make the right choices. Here are the facts from our experience: Restorative Pros Inc. responded to our urgent matter with a property that sustained water leak damages. We needed mitigation, and we had several companies called, got the run around, high, unreasonable estimates, and some unprofessional conduct, until we fortunately landed on Restorative Pros Inc. from Google search and reviews. I met with Roberto, who assisted us, and he was very professional. He showed compassion to the situation and was respectful of it all. Roberto was upfront with any and all range in quote estimates. We were in some financial shambles due to the damages from the water leak of course. We almost could not afford them with the verbal range estimate. But after final written break down estimates, we were given (excluding drywall repairs that we already had another source of help for), we were pleasantly surprised by their estimate along with a special they were running that we fortunately qualified during that time. Comparative to others based on their responsiveness, professionalism, and a very reasonable quote, we decided to go with them. Roberto explained what and how they would work. They had a great crew, and we received photos of their progress almost every day. The property and any items in it were handled with care. We also appreciated Tiffany from the admin side, who handled our case and communicated with us via email or text (due to my inability to use the phone by voice during work hours). She gave us everything we needed for our case, and they all went above and beyond our expectations. With no regret at all, we still to this day appreciate the great, wonderful work they gave us. We highly recommend them! Thank you, Restorative Pros.

- Anonymous

What a wonderful business, and the service they provided was beyond exceptional. Ashley ran the communication end of things, and she was incredible making sure everything ran smoothly. Roberto, Joel, Josh, Bradley and Tommy were so very professional. They were prompt and efficient, and I must say they explained every single thing they were doing. I had no fears about the process. They communicated very well and assured me that this whole ordeal would be painless. I could not have been left in better hands. I am quite grateful. I have a bad leg and asked Joel to replace my filter. Joel got busy and had to go. He came back after leaving my house and replaced it, something he did not need to do

- Louise K.

Many thanks to Bradley for his quick service call late on a Friday night. He was here in less than 2 hours and even called when he was delayed by traffic and inclement weather. Very courteous, professional and knowledgeable. We worked out a painless plan to get my water damage mitigated. No pressure and very straightforward.

- Kimberlee S.

Restorative Pros Inc. has been wonderful from start to finish. Joel came out to evaluate the area of concern the same afternoon I called. They had an estimate for me the next day. Even though it was a Friday before a long weekend, they were able to send a technician to the house to place the dehumidifier and air purifier so that we could minimize the moisture exposure and subsequent damage. Their technicians have been knowledgeable, pleasant and professional. They listened to and addressed all of our concerns. The office staff was also very pleasant and professional. We have recommended them to our friends and would contact them again if needed.

- Swati T.

This has been a nightmare of a couple of months for me and my family, to say the least. Thankfully I chose this company to help me with my home. They have given me a sense of relief, knowing that my home is in great hands. A huge thank you also goes out to my amazing technician, Bradley. I asked a lot of questions, and he kindly and patiently answered each and every one of them, reassuring me that my home is indeed in great hands. He was very punctual with time and professional. I highly recommend Bradley and this company! There are no words good enough to express my appreciation to all of you! Thank you!

- Jalixa A.

Our technician, Raymond Corniel, was amazing. He went above and beyond for us. Answered all the questions I had. Communication was great. Even when I had concerns about the process taking as long as it has, he calmed me down. I will definitely recommend this company and will tell everyone to ask for Raymond and Joel.

- Denise G.

Amazing, professional service! They responded immediately in my time of crisis and all my family’s needs where met. I would definitely recommend them to all friends and family. Thanks, Carlos!

- Alfredo L.

These guys are awesome! They are very responsive, and willing to answer questions to make the best out of an awful situation. I highly recommend them. They were quick to arrive, followed up frequently, and restored us back to new.

- David B.

Our hot water heater sprung a leak the morning we were leaving town for Christmas. Restorative Pros Inc. sent Roberto to our home within an hour of being contacted. Half the family left with my husband on the plane, while I stayed to do damage control. Upon arrival, Roberto immediately assessed the situation and took charge. He helped clear the entire laundry room/pantry. He explained the process of working with our insurance company and helped determine what would be covered before he began. He helped finish clearing out the water, sprayed an anti-fungal agent, and then set fans up to dry. A few days later, he removed the flooring as well. He graciously agreed to meet with the insurance adjuster later in the week, so I could catch the last plane of the day to join my family. When we returned from Christmas, we had a dry laundry room. We had a check from our insurance adjuster covering the cost of repairs, including some physical items that were ruined. Roberto had been careful to show all of the damage on our behalf. Insurance fairly reimbursed us, and we did nothing. Roberto stepped into our place so we would be able to celebrate Christmas together. Despite the inconvenience of the flooding and the travel adjustments, etc., things went as smoothly as possible, largely as a thanks to Restorative Pros. We are incredibly grateful, and we tell everyone about them! Thanks again, Roberto!

- Tiffany T.

The crew is thorough, trustworthy, friendly and dependable. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!

- Sara B.

Miguel Rivera came to our house and did a wonderful job explaining everything. He was very professional, efficient, and friendly. I would highly recommend him and this company.

- Kristy R.

Miguel Rivera was our technician referred by a contractor dealing with our leaky hot water tank. He was amazing as far as understanding the process and what to expect with regard to repairs after the areas were dried. Courteous, knowledgeable and very helpful! I totally recommend this company and Miguel.

- Jennifer D.

Carlos and his team changed our lives. I have a fairly new home and was unaware that we had a mold issue, as there was no visible mold in our home. Restorative Pros Inc. referred me to a state-certified mold inspector who came out to our home and let me know that our air conditioning unit was full of black mold, blowing that mold all over our house. Carlos and his team were at my home within hours of this news they handled all the insurance claims and got the mold out within a week. Health-related allergy issues slowly lessened. Our family’s health started to improve almost immediately, and we have reduced our allergy medications drastically. Honest, knowledgable team!! I recommend them to anyone.

- Maria F.

When I first got the water leak problem, Joel came to my home immediately. He was very efficient and explained everything that would happen in the process of cleanup. All the proper things were done, and mold remediation was taken care of. When the day came, Joel, Ray, Mark and Efrain came to my home and immediately got to work removing my cabinets and drywall behind, treating my kitchen for mold. They worked in a proficient manner, explaining everything to me. They worked here for 2 days, preparing my kitchen for remodel. It passed mold inspection and is ready now for rebuild. Thank you to all of you young men who made this process smooth for me.

- Rosalie M.

This team responded quickly to my request for an inspection of a bad smell in my house on a Sunday. Bradley, who was my tech, was super helpful and explained to me the issue. Best of all, he was upfront about the estimated cost and was able to get rid of the mold issue I had in my home within the week. They also helped refer me to the AC contractor to fix the core issue. If I ever have this issue again, I know who I’m going to call.

- Timothy C.

We had some water damage and weren’t sure if our carpet was moldy. They got us on the schedule very quickly, and Robert M. was awesome. He was super professional and took time to explain and investigate the problem. We will definitely be using him and Restorative Pros Inc. in the future.

- Liz B.

This company is awesome. I called them, and in less than an hour, they were already at my house and began to explain the process to me, since it was my first time dealing with a water leak. They were very professional. Joel, Lebron, and Robert guided me through the process, even calling my insurance to make the claim. I did not know that my insurance offered the mitigation service for free, and even so, Joel, knowing that they were no longer going to give me their service, stayed with me and my wife for another hour, helping us with the insurance that was giving problems. They always said they wanted the best for us even though they didn’t charge money for them, and they even left me the equipment to keep the area dry for a weekend at no charge. Many thanks to Restorative Pros Inc. and especially to Joel, Lebron, and Robert.

- Victor G.

The team here is absolutely amazing! Ashley, from the office, was very friendly and responsive to questions and messages. The team that came in to do my home were friendly, professional, hardworking, detailed, and went above and beyond to get the work done by coming on a Saturday to finish up their job so I could get back home with my family. They answered all of my questions and addressed all my concerns.

- Melanie S.

Thank you, Restorative Pros Inc.! Roberto came out the same day to assist with our issue. Their office was extremely professional and responsive with documents and quotes. Roberto and the team completed their work on time, as promised, and really seem to care about their customers! Thank you!

- Kate B.

The Restorative Pros Inc. team members I interacted with have been professional and responsive! Adam, my technician, is the best! He is knowledgeable, efficient, and thorough. He walked me through the whole process and ensured that I was happy with the work when he was done. My bathroom looks awesome!! I’ve never experienced such an easy process with home repairs. Thanks so much!!

- Jane P.

Great people and great services! Appreciate Carlos and Crystal, the masterminds behind Restorative Pros Inc.

- Kevin N.

First, I want to send Carlos a HUGE Thank you!!!!! You single-handedly peeled me from my ceiling with your patience and calm attitude. Your non-visual assessment over the phone was spot on, which another restoration company echoed when they were here this morning. I have contacted a cleaning company that is coming Tuesday morning to clean my ducts, vents and surrounding area of the openings. I also contacted my regular A/C company to clean and service my A/C. I will be replacing the foam insulation tapes around each vent. You have restored my faith in human nature and that there are more honest companies than not. I almost hired a company that was going to charge me thousands for unnecessary work. You are the best!!

- Maria M.

Miguel was an absolute professional, always checking in on us and stopping by every day to make sure the equipment was doing its job. I will recommend this company to my family and friends should they need it. Thank you so much for your excellent service.

- Roberto B.

Our thanks to Miguel Rivera. He ensured our issue was addressed and resolved in a timely and professional fashion.

- Vicki T.

They are a top-notch company and service provider. They were very professional, on time and quick about their work. They were able to completely dry out a flooded kitchen, cabinetry and drywall in one of our rentals in only three days! Highly recommend.

- Jeremy S.

Joel walked into my house and walked me through the process step by step. These guys are real professionals, extremely friendly and understanding of the situation I was going through! Thanks, Restorative Pros Inc., for your services!

- Albert R.

Amazing service and great team effort. All staff worked well together .Very quick arrival time and quick turnaround. Can’t thank you guys enough. Keep up the good work.

- Isaac G.

Very professional and honest. Great to work with. I will definitely use again in the future and recommend to anyone.

- A. Vazquez

There was some confusion due to HomeAdvisor with my appointment today with Restorative Pros Inc. Miguel reached out to me right away and arranged to meet me at the residence. He was knowledgeable, good natured and answered all my questions. I will provide follow-up feedback after services.

- Sandra D.

Restorative Pros Inc. was awesome! Joel came out, did a thorough assessment and got an estimate to me quickly. We weren’t ready to move forward right away. After a few weeks I called and said we were ready, and he came out the next day! Tiffany and Ashley at the office always answered phone calls and emails almost immediately. The techs who worked on the house, Ray, Mark, Bradley and Efrain, were super nice to our family. They did a great job cleaning up every day. I really appreciate Restorative Pros and will definitely call them again if we have another leak.

- The Huston Family

The experience with Restorative Pros Inc. has been such a helpful and stress-relieving experience. Everyone in the company has been such a great help when it comes to my questions, scheduling, and addressing the issue in our rental home. The job hasn’t been completed yet, but I already feel so comfortable and confident in this group of people. I will update when the work is complete, but I had to give a public shoutout and recommendation to the wonderful people at Restorative Pros! Thank you so much!!

- Ansley D.

We worked with Restorative Pros Inc. and had Joel and Ray out to conduct the cleanup of moisture in our shower wall cavity. The guys were friendly, accommodating and detailed with the job. We would definitely recommend them to others who need help with moisture problems.

- Ryan

It was my first time dealing with a mold issue. I did my research on Google, and their reviews were what led me to choosing Restorative Pros Inc. The initial phone call was awesome. They asked a lot of questions regarding my issues and concerns, also how quickly I wanted to set an appointment so they could send a technician out to our house. Once my info was provided to their tech, Joel, I was contacted by him personally. Joel was very polite, attentive and was working around my work schedule. We set a date and time for Joel to come out. When Joel arrived, he was very friendly and informative of what we would be doing and how he would be handling the issue. At the end of Joel’s visit, I felt very satisfied with his effort and work ethic and mainly on how he explained things thoroughly. I’m pleased to say I picked the right company to contact. If I have any more issues in the future, I definitely know who to call, and I would also recommend them to anyone!

- Robyne M.

We had a pipe leak in the attic, and it caused a decent amount of water damage. Restorative Pros Inc. was able to remove and clean up the damage and get everything dried out. We felt like Roberto was a new member of the family because he came by every day to check on the progress and make adjustments as needed. Hopefully I’ll never need their services again, but if I do, I won’t hesitate to call.

- Brian H.

Bradley was very helpful in a crisis and super professional, which is hard to come by these days. I absolutely recommend them! Definitely a go to at any time for any major home problem.

- Alexis B.

This was the fastest late-night service call I have ever seen. Within ten minutes of my call, they were at my house setting up dryers. Very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable team. Thank you!

- Alex H.

A friend recommended Adam S. from Restorative Pros Inc. when our bathroom flooded, and he has been THE best! He was here within a day, hooking up the equipment and walking us through the process. He is knowledgeable, patient and thorough. He is very easy to communicate with and responds quickly to calls. He even came back out when our insurance adjuster wanted a second look! He has been beyond helpful, and that is very much appreciated! Thank you, Adam! More referrals coming your way.

- Whitney B.

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