Interested in Restoration Services? Here Are Some of the Things They Can Cover.

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If your residential or commercial building recently experienced some kind of disaster, there’s a good chance you’ll need restoration services. Ultimately, the goal is to make a damaged space safe and livable again.

Interested in Restoration Services? Here Are Some of the Things They Can Cover.

The exact services offered will depend on the company, but generally, if you’re looking into restoration services, you can expect them to help you with:

  • Fire Damage. According to the National Fire Protection Association, accidents in the kitchen when cooking are one of the most common causes of housefires. Also on the list are heating and electrical problems, smoking, and candles. When an area is burned, it can also face water damage through emergency sprinkler usage and firefighting efforts. Restoration services can address multiple aspects of fire damage.
  • Smoke Damage. Smoke inhalation can be more dangerous than a fire itself. Restoration services will remove soot, ash, and smoke residue from the affected area.
  • Water Damage. Plumbing failures or natural disasters can cause excess water to build up or be released. Restoration services employ experts to find the source of the water damage. They should be able to extract the water and dry and disinfect the space. The company may even rebuild destroyed parts of a structure, such as drywall and flooring.
  • Mold Mitigation. Mold commonly occurs after water damage. This can happen rapidly, so it’s important that professionals are called in early to curb the spread of mold. A restoration company will offer mold inspections and removal services.
  • Storm Damage. If you live in an area that experiences frequent storms, then you’re likely no stranger to storm damage. Restoration services located in these high-risk areas often specialize in addressing this type of damage.
  • Biohazards. You may be looking for a company that can clean up a space that’s been contaminated by biohazard materials such as blood or other bodily fluids. Restoration services can include this service as well.

The list of services a restoration company can offer is extensive. If you’re interested in any of these services, feel free to contact us today and learn more.

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