Address Mold Damage Before it Becomes a Bigger Threat

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Mold is an unfortunate threat in the humid Southeastern United States. Sometimes it is obvious, but other times, it can lurk in the dark and come to your attention only after significant damage has been done due to a leak or some other source of excessive moisture. Mold can begin to grow in just a day or two in the right conditions, and mold damage becomes possible shortly thereafter.

Address Mold Damage Before it Becomes a Bigger Threat

If water intrusions are dealt with quickly, it may be possible to avoid mold and the resulting damage. If water damage goes unnoticed due to occupants being out of town or because there is a slow leak that is not obviously apparent, mold damage may become significant before it is discovered.

Mold damage not only compromises air quality, but it also compromises structural integrity if it is not addressed quickly enough. Mold feeds off of the materials and surfaces that it inhabits, which can eventually cause materials to lose strength and fail.

Once mold is discovered, home owners should act quickly to remove mold and repair the damage, but this should be left to professionals if the area affected is more than a few square feet. Mold poses health risks to occupants, and improper cleaning techniques can spread mold spores, exacerbate the problem, and put occupants in danger. Having professionals handle the problem can ease occupants’ minds and ensure the problem is dealt with properly.

With over a decade of experience, our team at Restorative Pros Inc. offers trusted EPA-approved mold damage services by qualified technicians for homes in Orlando, Florida and the surrounding areas. We can assess the damage, create a plan of attack, and provide repairs that return the home to a safe and secure state.

Your health and well-being are important to us, and we take customer service seriously. We offer in-house financing to ease the burden on you, and we can bill insurers directly to take that off your plate. If you suspect mold damage in your home, give us a call today so we can assess and repair any damages.

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