3 Common Causes of Home Mold Damage

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Mold damage is a common issue that can affect your home’s interior. Although it may be more common than other types of damage, mold damage still shouldn’t be treated lightly.

3 Common Causes of Home Mold Damage

To help prevent mold from growing and spreading in your home, it helps to know what leads to mold growth in the first place. In this article, our team will share three common causes of home mold damage.

  • Leaking pipes. Many mold problems stem from a faulty plumbing system, especially leaking pipes. Leaks lead to moisture where moisture doesn’t belong, which provides mold with the perfect environment to grow. If you’ve dealt with a leak recently, you should make sure to check for mold damage.
  • Humid basements. Basements are naturally more susceptible to mold growth due to their proximity to the humid ground. When your basement is damp or humid, especially when appliances like washing machines are present, you’re more likely to deal with mold damage.
  • Flooding. No homeowner wants to deal with the effects of a flood. Having your home dried out sooner rather than later can help minimize many types of flood damage, but mold can quickly grow after a flood has occurred. It’s important to act fast after a flood to help stop the growth and spread of mold damage.

Here at Restorative Pros Inc., we specialize in helping homeowners deal with many different types of damages, including mold damage. We want to help you get your home back to its former condition as soon as possible, so if your home has a mold issue, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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