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Types of Storm DamageSome storms are similar wherever in the country they occur, whereas others are common only in certain areas. If you are in the Orlando, Florida area, for example, you’ll be more likely to experience hurricanes, so wind damage, water damage, and flooding will be prime examples of storm damage you might incur. Another common type of storm damage is hail damage, which can be as damaging for your home or business as it is for vehicles and outdoor furniture.

Storm damage can affect many different areas of your structure. It can render the roof ineffective at keeping out rain, for example. When the water intrusion is minimal, you might not notice it right away, so you could end up with hidden mold to contend with on top of the storm damage itself. This can happen when the wind has loosened shingles, but not blown them off entirely.

Other storm damage is easily evident, such as a tree branch falling on your home or busting out a window or flood waters seeping into your living space. Whenever storm damage involves water intrusion, the issue should be resolved as quickly as possible to minimize damage and avoid mold.

Regardless of what type of storm damage your home or business has sustained, reach out to us at Restorative Pros Inc. We offer disaster restoration services for residential and commercial properties in the Orlando area. When you contact us to deal with storm damage, we’ll respond to your call immediately. We’ll send out a technician to evaluate the situation and set up a game plan for getting your home or business back to normal quickly. Reach out today with any questions you might have.

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